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18 August 2014 @ 04:32 pm
Blue, Gen. 1.1 - Mari  

After a long wait, I finally am posting the VERY first update of the legacy!!

So this is Hayley's and my adorable founder, Mari:

Aspiration: Pleasure/Family
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
Personality: Taurus, 5/6/3/10/6
Turn Ons: Fatness/Brown Hair
Turn Off: Swimwear

She's also an amazing dancer

This is her also amazing house
(Not really, I purposefully chose a tiny terrain for this neighbourhood to test my building skills!)

This is Mari's first friend... but I can't remember her name...

Searching for men...

Got excited and all until I remembered she has like... $1 000 to her name. >.>

This guy had bad chemistry with her, so instead he makes a beeline for the garden club lady.

And then this happened making me realise I forgot to turn off the cut scenes...

Not her dream job, but it's something!

She met every man she could, and almost ALL of them had negative chemistry with her!!
Except mohawk guy... they had ONE bolt.


Back to man hunting.

Mari managed to find a better paying job, and took that one instead.

Oi! >:(

Ooh! Looks like Murray Foot is it!
Yes... Mari/Murray
Yes... his last name is foot

They got to know each other SO WELL they are getting married!

With a little rearranging of the lounge room, the house was ready for a wedding party!
Sort of... I will build a chapel just because of space issues...

Yeah, house weddings are a bit inconvenient...


While waiting for Murray to finish his make over, Mari purchased a community lot!
I forgot to rename the lot before she bought it though... >.>

This is the point when I realised Murray's and Mari's names sound similar...

Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Own 5 Top Level Businesses
Personality: Gemini, 4/7/8/3/3
Turn Ons: Make Up/Athletic
Turn Off: Mechanical

Mari had better get her body skill up!
Maybe we can get to TWO bolts?! :D

Welcome to Mari's clothing store!

It's... uh, still under construction...

Despite that, she still got one star.

Settling into marriage seems pretty blissful...

... Until...

See you next chapter!!