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01 November 2014 @ 04:19 pm
Blue, Gen. 1.2 - Mari  

Sorry for the silence people!
But I'm finally here with sims stuff!

If you need a refresher, read the first update here.
Also, I uhh, don't know why I put 2.2 on the picture... so... you can see my cover up >.>


I forget why, but I made Mari quit her job.
I think because I had other plans for her...


Oh, here comes the baby!

And it's a boy!
I named him Aaron :)

Life goes by pretty quickly!

Soon it's Aaron's birthday!


Scorpio, 10/7/9/3/1

Murray gets a lamp!
Don't know why HE got it...

Birthday again already!
Nothing much is happening due to the fact that... well, there's no one here...

Oh good, first thing as a child...

He was too cute...
I couldn't wait for his make-over...

Here we go!
Now, I need to try and remember that I have to fulfill a want everyday for this generation!

Mari needed some money to help build up the family business.

Of course, since Mari wished for money...

Oh boy...

Little Aaron became really handy, since Mari was handling the shop all on her own!


SO HELPFUL. When the line started to get long, I'd just send Aaron to chat to the customers and distract them ;)

Why is it, that sometimes the animation for reporters shaking hands is the caress animation?!

... And then acts like it was rejected.
My sim however, does the normal thing... I don't get it.

Uh oh, we need Aaron again!

Hehe, I love these faces!

Aaron is adorable <3

Just when Hayley and I were losing hope of there being a choice for heir... ;)

... And I will be mean and leave it here ;)